CONSECUTIVUS is the proposal os a nonprofit Conscienciocentric Institution specialized on the research on Seriexology, Holobiografy and Paragentics (Retrocognitiology).

General Purpose:

  • 1. Promote and support researches on Seriexology and related Sciences intending to be one of the main sources, excellence and reference on these subjects at International Cosmoethic Conscienciology Community.
  • 2. Research in a theoretical way, in cases related to consecutive personalities and its effects on the maxi-existencial program.
  • 3. Provide scientific bases for multiexistencial evolution from de research findings under the Consciencial Paradigm.
  • 4. Support intraphysical and extraphysical consciousness to get and increase seriexological self-awareness.
  • 5. Work on expanding the holobiografic cosmovision through the parapedagogic resouces capable of qualify intraphysical consciousness’ retrocognitive researches.
  • 6. From the practical cases, find general laws that take part of the seriexological mechanism of the Evolutiology.


  • 2012 - The group of specialists of the trinomial consecutive personality–Para-History–Biografology

    The group that was going to work on CONSECUTIVUS has actually had been already formed on July 7th, 2012 when the Seriexology team for Holocycle was ready and structured with the specialists of the trinomial consecutive personality–Para-History–Biografology

  • 2013 - 14 of november 2013

    CONSECUTIVUS has its begining on November 14th, thurday, at Minitertúlia in Igussu Fall by professor Waldo Vieira, under a extraphysical orientation.

  • 2014 - 14 de Dezember - Inauguration of Consecutivus

    CONSECUTIVUS Associação Internacional de Pesquisas Seriexológicas e Holobiográficas was erected.

  • 2015 - 14 de Maio - Consecutivus Office

    Inauguration of Consecutivus office


  • Weber Takaki
    Weber Takaki
    • Flavia Tavares
      Flavia Tavares
      • Alexandre Daibert
        Alexandre Daibert
        • Sandie Gustus
          Sandie Gustus
          • Nilsa Magalhães Schmidt
            Nilsa Magalhães Schmidt
            • Marcelo Brivilati
              Marcelo Brivilati
              • Jaclyn Cowen
                Jaclyn Cowen
                • Dayane Rossa
                  Dayane Rossa
                  • Roberto Blanco Mello
                    Roberto Blanco Mello
                    • Geraldo Inacio
                      Geraldo Inacio
                      • Jacqueline Nahas
                        Jacqueline Nahas
                        • Eduardo Vicenzi
                          Eduardo Vicenzi
                          • Luciana Lavor
                            Luciana Lavor
                            • Aline Izidoro
                              Aline Izidoro
                              • André Silva
                                André Silva
                                • Anne-Catrin
                                  • João Paulo Costa
                                    João Paulo Costa
                                    • Pedro Fernandes
                                      Pedro Fernandes
                                      • Roberto Leimig
                                        Roberto Leimig
                                        • Debora Klippel
                                          Debora Klippel
                                          • Alexandre Dung
                                            Alexandre Dung
                                            • Rogerio Abdala
                                              Rogerio Abdala
                                              • Cristiane Ferraro
                                                Cristiane Ferraro
                                                • Milena Mascarenhas
                                                  Milena Mascarenhas
                                                  • Patrícia Takaki
                                                    Patrícia Takaki
                                                    • Bruna Barra
                                                      Bruna Barra
                                                      • Hélia Neri
                                                        Hélia Neri
                                                        • Telma Crespo
                                                          Telma Crespo
                                                          • Michelle Pontes
                                                            Michelle Pontes
                                                            • Roseli Oliveira
                                                              Roseli Oliveira
                                                              • Michelly Ribeiro
                                                                Michelly Ribeiro
                                                                • Mariana Nieto
                                                                  Mariana Nieto

                                                                  Voluntariado na CONSECUTIVUS

                                                                  The voluntary work on CONSECUTIVUS can be done for any person, irrespective of collor, ethinicity or cultural background, willing to give part of his or her time, without employment link, personal habilities on the improvement of a community, group of people, institution or entity.
                                                                  For Conscientiology the voluntary activity is based on the consciencial bond, in other words, in convergence to assistencial matters, facing stronger efforts on the clarification task of personal evolution of each one and particulary the voluntary on CONSECUTIVUS, aiming at researches, teachings and promotion of the Seriexology. If you are interested to be a CONSECUTIVUS’ volunteer, send a e-mail with your full name and phone number to voluntariado@consecutivus.org.


                                                                  Seriexology is a specialty of conscientiology and is a subject of some complexity, requiring the convergence of other disciplines for deeper understanding.

                                                                  1- What is Seriexology?

                                                                  Seriexology is a specialty applied to the study, research and deepening of the previous lives of a consciousness.

                                                                  How does the cycles of birth and death of a person occur?

                                                                  ​The consciousness goes through resoma (reactivated physical body) and desoma (deactivated physical body) infinite times, maturing and evolving to completely dominate the psychosoma (body of emotions). At this stage the psychosoma is discarded and becomes a free consciousness, manifesting itself in the mentalsoma (mental body). Among the countless lives, there occurs periods of intermission, where the consciousness remains in the extraphysical dimension.

                                                                  3 – What is the consecutive personality?

                                                                  ​The consecutive personality is the guinea-pig consciousness which coexists in the same human life, in two stages. The first life, being short lived when the personality desomates and the second life is when the personality resomates, after a brief intermissive period in the condition of a conscex, recommencing the previous interrupted conviviality.  

                                                                  5 – How to start the study of a past life?

                                                                  ​Firstly it is beneficial to have a willingness to deepen the research and studies of oneself. Observe the affinities with countries, times, people and write everything down. This study is complex and involves parapsychism and detailed observation. Readings, mobilization of energies and maintaining an assistential sense throughout the process is also paramount. CONSECUTIVUS offers basic courses for anyone who wants to be a multiexistential self-researcher.

                                                                  4 – What are the benefits of knowing a past life?

                                                                  ​First of all it is necessary to have a certain disposition and tranquility to deal with the facts of previous lives, because the study requires serenity in dealing with consciousnesses, emotions and important facts from the past. The benefits are many. The self-knowledge provides direction to the current existential program, identifies tendencies and optimizes the assistance to the target public.