Conscientiology its a term proposed by the brazilian physician and researcher Waldo Vieira to define the new Science dedicated to the studies of the consciousness which is, among other terms, what has been called ego, soul, spirit, extract, self, individuality, personality or being. The Conscientiology starts from the point that the consciousness manifestation goes beyond the human brain and distinct from the physical body. The fact can be checked in other ways through the out-of-body experiences.

Born on April 12, 1932, in Monte Carmelo, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Waldo Vieira is a physician and dentist, and holds a postgraduate degree in Plastic Surgery earned in Japan. He has writen 4 treatises, more than 40 books and hundreds of articles published in many scientific periodicals in Brazil and abroad. With recognized scientific authority, the consciousness reasearcher, lucid projector (out-of-body experience), Vieira is a long-standing member of some of the most important international associations for parapsychic research in the World.

Professor Waldo Vieira Researcher and proposer of Conscientiology

Conscientiology is based on the Consciencial Paradigm as scientific model to make its investigations. This paradigm considers that all living beings have other bodies or vehicles (holosoma) for their manifestation, besides the physical body; interacts in multiple dimentions (multidimensionality); is a result of multiple existences (seriation) and interrelate from the bioenergies.


Seriexology is the Science dedicated to the studies of the existencial seriation or seriality from the Consciencial Paradigm.

The consecutive personality is the guinea pig person with whom coexists in the same human life in 2 different stages. The first stage accurs when the personality had a biological death (desoma) and the second when reborns (resoma) after live a brief intermissive period as a extraphysical consciousness and iniciates the previous interrupted interractions.


Holobiographology is the Science grounded on the Consciencial Paradigm, applied to the study and historical records of consciencial evolution, under the seriexological perspective, accessed throught the retrocognitive tecniques compounding the group of past lives.

Personal Holobiography is the consciousness evolutionary register throught existencial seriation, recorded on the Holomemory and recalled by retrocognitions and self researchs based on facts and parafacts, composing the evolutive holocurriculum.


Para-Historiografology is the Science guided on Consciencial Paradigm, applied to the multidimensional historical records, taking into account intraphysical, extraphysical and multiexistencial aspects of the consciences. Search by integral approach of the reality, understanding the consciencial accurring phenomena over time.

The Para-Historiografology Advanced Studies Center is a study group linked to Scientific and Technical College of CONSECUTIVUS, with the purpose of promote and disclose researchs, informations, exchanges and activities about several leading-edge relative truths related to Para-Historigrafology and Seriexology, open to other Conscienciocentric Institutions, invisible colleges and other stakeholders participants.