Free Education

CONSECUTIVUS offers on-site and online courses, in addition to a series of activities and products aiming at the acquisition of Applied Multiexistential Lucidity.


Our monthly activity, is open to researchers of the Conscientiological Community, in which personal researches are presented and discussed in the areas of parahistory, groupkarmogram and / or [...]


Our online conferences are transmitted via the CONSECUTIVUS channel on YouTube and are available to access at any time. Some of these conferences are available in English, Spanish and France.


Individualized and non-prerequisite seriexological research guidance, conducted by two seriexologists whose goal is to help the student in their initial progress of retrocognitive investigations.

Educational Activities

School of Consecutive Personality

The school is organized in 3 modules, and has weekly theoretical and practical classes. SEMESTRAL • Online and On-site Module 1   Fundamentals of Seriexology   Class 1. Fundamentals of [...]

Seriexological Self-research Week

Composed by several theoretical and practical activities, Seriexological Self-research Week has been occurring annually in the month of April since 2013. It aims to present the most recent [...]


  Mnemonic Gala Night This group activity seeks to reproduce remote time periods from scenarios that activate various senses and parasenses in order to stimulate retrocognitions.

Parapyshic Dynamic of Seriexology

It is a weekly activity of parpsychic practices offered on Wednesdays in partnership with CEAEC, Foz do Iguaçu. It aims at the development of lucid paraperceptibility focused on accessing the [...]

Retrocognitive Tours

Holothosenic Retroform Research Parapsychic tracking group activity with the aim of identifying the pastological traces in places with strong historical connections.

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