Founded on December 14, 2014, CONSECUTIVUS is a non-profit institution dedicated to the scientific research of past lives mainly based on the phenomenon of retrocognition (memory of past lives).
Several old civilization incorporate ideia about Past Life in their culture like Ancient Egypt, Celts and others old civilization. Ancient Greece philosopher also worked with ideia of Immortality of soul.
Consciential Paradigm
Our main specialty is seriexology, which is dedicated to the study of existential seriality (multiple lives) and its evolutionary consequences. Our studies are based on the Consciential Paradigm, which broadens the understanding of the human manifestation, when considering for example, multiple dimensions, self-experimentation, cosmoethics, bioenergies and multiexistentiality.
We investigate the principles and the laws that govern the evolutionary mechanism of successive existences and we seek through specific techniques to study the trajectory traversed througout evolution considering holokarmality.
The result obtained through the application of retrcognitive techniques provides a greater understanding about our own personality, the tasks to be performed in our current life (existential program), as well as planning the next intermissions and human lives (multiexistential self-relay).