What do you know about your past life?

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What is Seriexology?

Seriexology is a specialty applied to the study, research and deepening of the previous lives of a consciousness.

​The consecutive personality is the guinea-pig consciousness which coexists in the same human life, in two stages. The first life, being short lived when the personality desomates and the second life is when the personality resomates, after a brief intermissive period in the condition of a conscex, recommencing the previous interrupted conviviality.  

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What is Consciencial Paradigm?

Conscientiology is based on the Consciencial Paradigm as scientific model to make its investigations. This paradigm considers that all living beings have other bodies or vehicles (holosoma) for their manifestation, besides the physical body; interacts in multiple dimentions (multidimensionality); is a result of multiple existences (seriation) and interrelate from the bioenergies.

Minha experiência na Consecutivus

  • O estudo da Seriexologia é mais uma das amplas especialidades da Conscienciologia, que amplia a visão e favorece o entendimento da interação grupocármica

  • Estudar vidas passadas me ajuda a entender melhor o presente. Autopesquisa é sinônimo de Conscienciologia. Sou muito grata à Consecutivus. “Estudo, eis tudo.” 

  • A minha participação nas atividades parapedagógicas da Conscecutivus viabilizou ampliar meu autoconhecimento e a autoconscientização seriexológica. As metodologias utilizadas são facilmente aplicáveis.

    Ana Claudia Prado